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Aug. 22, 2013

M&P Shield Consumer Safety
Alert & Inspection Procedure Link
** Important Info **

The state is now requiring all MA dealers to use your state issued
PIN (Personal Identification Number) to verify your permit # and
complete the state registration form FA-10. We can only complete
your gun transaction if you have your PIN. Fingerprints cannot be
used anymore.

You can call the Firearms Records Bureau at 617-660-4722 Mon.-Fri.
9am-6pm to obtain a lost PIN.

Please pass this along and spread the word.
Mon.- Thurs.  5pm-8:30pm
Saturday       10am-2pm

* MA LTC Class *
- July 29 (Tues.) 5pm
- Aug. 24 (Sun.) 9am

* UTAH Non-Resident
Permit Class
Concealed Carry in 31 States

* We offer Apex Tactical Kit
Installation for M&P Pistols
and Shield Pistols
Install fee is $40 cash with
2 day turnaround time

- Apex Kits are In Stock -

New Arrivals:

- Ruger Gunsite Scout .308
Bolt Action Rifle, Rail, 16"

- Ruger GP100 6" Stainless

- S&W 60 Stainless Revolver

- LWRC REPR Models

- LWRC SPR & SL Models

- Winchester Small Pistol
-Winchester Large Pistol

- Sig Sauer P938 Rosewood
9mm Pistol
Siglite Night Sights

- Aimpoint Micro H1 Red
Dot Sight with 2MOA
LaRue Co-Witness Mount

- Aimpoint PRO
Red Dot Sight

- 9mm FMJ in stock

- Ruger SR22 Stainless

- Ruger LCR .38 Spl.+P
with Crimson Trace

- M&P45 Compact
.45 acp Pistol

- S&W 1911 3" Pro Series

* FREE Cerakote Finish on
all LWRC Rifles in stock.
This saves you $150!
Current in stock models
include the following:
- M6IC SPR's
- REPR's
- M6-SL
16" and 20" Barrels
FDE, OD, Patriot Brown

* Limited amount of New
Glock 19 and Glock 17
Gen3 & Gen4 Black Frames
Only in stock

- H&K P30S Pistols
9mm & .40 avail.
3.86" barrel, V3
ambi safety, rear decocker

- Charter Arms Revolvers

- Ruger GP100, 4" barrel,

- .380 acp Defensive Ammo

- Rem. Golden Saber
Defensive Ammo in the
following calibers:
9mm, .40, .45acp, .38
spl,.357 mag., .380acp

- Rem. TAC8 12 Gauge
Defensive Ammo

- 7.62x39mm AK-47 Ammo

- Sig Sauer P232
Stainless .380acp Pistol

- S&W 340PD, .357mag
Revolver with Green Hi-Viz
Fiber Optic Front Sight

- Sig Sauer 556 Patrol

- Sig Sauer P238 Rosewood,
Night Sights

- Sig Sauer P238
Blackwood, Night Sights

- .40 FMJ Ammo in stock

- Sig Sauer M400
16" Classic AR-15

- M&P45 Full-Size

- S&W M&P-10 .308 AR

- S&W E Series 1911 Pistols
Stainless with Rail
Black Melonite with Rail

- Sig Sauer 1911 Pistols:
Stainless Target
Nitron Target
TTT 2-Tone

- LWRC SPR & SL Models
AR-15 Rifles:
Patriot Brown
OD Green

- S&W 642LS (Lady Smith)

- Ruger SR45 Pistols
Stainless Slide

- Ruger SR22 Pistol

- S&W M&P9 Shields

- S&W M&P40 Shields

- Spikes Tactical
"Calico Jack" Pirate Logo
Stripped AR-15 Lower

- PreBan AR-15 Magazines
30 rd. & 20 Rd. in stock

- PreBan AK-47 Mags

- Sig Sauer P229, .40S&W

- Sig Sauer Target 1911

- Sig 1911 TTT

- S&W Governor

- M&P9 SHIELD 9mm Pistol

- M&P40 SHIELD .40 Pistol

- Ruger SR9c Compact
9mm Pistols
with Stainless Slide

- .40, .45acp FMJ Practice &
Defensive Ammo In Stock

- Charter Arms Lavender
Lady Revolver

- Federal XM193 5.56mm

- M&P45 .45acp Pistols

- M&P Range Kits

- Hornady Critical Defense
.410 Gauge Triple Defense

- Federal Hydra Shok .45
acp, 230 gr. 50 rd. boxes

* Defensive ammo in the
following calibers:
9mm, .40S&W, .45 acp,
.410 Gauge for Governor

- American Spirit Arms
AR-15's in various

- Emerson Knives
Combat Karambit

- Sig Sauer P226
9mm, SigLite Night Sights

- LWRC M6-SL Models
OD Green, Patriot Brown
and Black

- MagPul BAD Levers

- MagPul UBR Stock, OD
Green & Black

- Rem. 870 Express 12 Ga.

- Anderson Mfg. AR-15's

- Battle Arms Development
Ambi Safety Selectors

- Ruger 10/22 Factory
10 rd. Mags

- Sig Sauer Mosquito

- S&W 1911 .45acp
Adjustable Sights

- Sig Sauer P220R Two-Tone

- Stag Arms Uppers:
1H, 2H, 2HT,

- Stag Arms Complete
Lower Receivers minus

- Stag Arms Complete
Lower Receivers minus
buttstock & Stripped Lower

- Stag Arms Lower Parts

- Ruger 10/22 .22LR Rifle,
LaserMax & Mossy Oak
Models in stock

CrossBreed Holsters
are back in stock!

Limited Factory Glock OD
Green Complete Frames
(Frame only- Upper
assembly not available)

Muzzle Brakes:
Troy Ind. Medieval

Sig Sauer P220 .45acp

7.62x39mm (500 Rd. Case)

American Spirit AR-15 Rifle

Stag Arms Lower Parts Kits
with & without triggers


Surefire E1B Backup
Handheld Light 200 Lumen

Stripped Lower Receivers
Anderson Mfg.

M&P Shield 9mm Mags

AimPoint PRO Red Dot
Sight in stock

Vortex Sparc & Strikefire
Red Dot Sights

Anderson Manufacturing
Stripper AR15 lower

Troy Industries Flip Up

Ruger LCR Revolvers
.38 spl.

SAIGA-12 Semi-Auto
12 Gauge Shotgun

DPMS Parts:
Buttstock Assemblies,
Buffers, Buffer Tubes
(Receiver Extensions), Rifle
Buffer Springs

As you know, we are facing
very drastic restrictions.
The upcoming State &
Federal gun control bills
would be devastating for
our community. We must
get involved now, more
than ever in the past.
Don't wait. Do it now! To
help preserve our 2nd
Amendment Right, get
involved, join Pro 2nd
Amendment Organizations,
give a donation for the fight
and above all, write and call
your representatives!

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9mm Shield Magazines
in stock

Ruger LCR .22LR Revolver