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Telephone: 508-278-6844  Fax: 508-278-6849

Mon.- Thurs.  5pm-8:30pm
Saturday       10am-2pm
Quality 1911 Parts:
Wilson Combat
Ed Brown
Smith & Alexander

* FID Class:
- March 3 (Tuesday) 5pm

* We offer Apex Tactical Kit
for M&P Pistols
and Shield Pistols
Install fee is $40 cash with
2 day turnaround time

- Apex Kits are In Stock -

New Arrivals:

- TAVOR in Flat Dark Earth

- H&K VP9 Pistol, 9mm

- H&K HK45C Compact Pistol, .

- .22 LR Ammo in stock

- 9mm FMJ Ammo, Brass Cased

- S&W Pro Series 5" Stainless
1911, 9mm

- LE Only Pistols:  Glock 42,
Glock 26 GEN4, M&P40 Shield

- SAIGA 12 Shotgun: semi-auto,
12 gauge, unfired

- .380 acp Ammo In Stock
Practice FMJ & Defensive

- Beretta CX4 Storm .45acp

- Sig Sauer P238
Various Models Available

- S&W M&P Range & Carry Kits
9mm & .40 cal Availabl

20" Heavy Barrel in OD Green

- Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Sights
Mount Included

- PreBan AR-15 Magazines
30 rd. & 20 Rd. in stock
* New Old Stock in Original
Wrap available also

- PreBan AK-47 Mags

- Battle Arms Development
Ambi Safety Selectors

- Aero Precision Lightweight
One Piece Scope Mounts:
FDE, OD Green, Black

Surefire Coyote Tan
X300 Ultra Weaponlight
with 500 Lumens
On Order Again

- S&W 1911 9mm Pro Series

- LWRC REPR Models

- LWRC SPR & SL Models

- Aimpoint PRO
Red Dot Sight

- Ruger SR22 Stainless

- Ruger LCR .38 Spl.+P
with Crimson Trace

- M&P45 Compact
.45 acp Pistol

- S&W 1911 3" Pro Series

- M6IC SPR's
- REPR's
- M6-SL
16" and 20" Barrels
FDE, OD, Patriot Brown

* Limited amount of New
Glock 19 and Glock 17
Gen3 & Gen4 Black Frames
Only in stock

- H&K P30S Pistols
9mm & .40 avail.
3.86" barrel, V3
ambi safety, rear decocker

- Charter Arms Revolvers

- .380 acp Defensive Ammo

- Remington Golden Saber
Defensive Ammo
in the following calibers:
9mm, .40, .45acp, .38 spl,
.357 mag., .380acp

- Rem. TAC8 12 Gauge
Defensive Ammo

- 7.62x39mm AK-47 Ammo

- Sig Sauer P232
Stainless .380acp Pistol

- Sig Sauer 556 Patrol

- Sig Sauer P238 Rosewood,
Night Sights

- Sig Sauer P238 Blackwood,
Night Sights

- Sig Sauer M400
16" Classic AR-15

- M&P45 Full-Size

- S&W M&P-10 .308 AR

- S&W E Series 1911 Pistols
Stainless with Rail
Black Melonite with Rail

- Sig Sauer 1911 Pistols:
Stainless Target
Nitron Target
TTT 2-Tone

- LWRC SPR & SL Models AR-
15 Rifles:
Patriot Brown
OD Green

- Ruger SR45 Pistols
Stainless Slide

- Ruger SR22 Pistol

- S&W M&P9 Shields

- S&W M&P40 Shields

* FID Class:
- March 3 (Tuesday) 5pm

* MA LTC Firearms
Safety Class
with Live Fire
- March 22 (Sunday) 9am

* Combative Handgun,
Rife, Shotgun and
Force on Force
2015 Schedule will be
posted soon.

* Concealed Carry 101

Tuition: $60 cash/check
or $65 credit card

This 3 hour class will benefit those who are
new to the concealed carry lifestyle as well
as clear up any questions for those who are
already carrying concealed.

Points of discussion:
- Types of Concealment Holsters
- Types of Magazine Carriers
- Advantages and disadvantages of each
- Handheld Flashlights
- Weapon Mounted Lights
- Knives: Folding & Fixed
- Pepper Spray
- Day to day carry: Concealment, Open,
Printing, Indicators
- Law Enforcement Interaction
- Much more

Non-Resident Permit
Multi State CCW Permit
- March: TBA

* Firearms Laws
Refresher Class:
TBA - Contact Us
CrossBreed Holsters
Walther PK380 Safety Recall
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Aug. 22, 2013

M&P Shield Consumer Safety
Alert & Inspection Procedure Link
** Important Info **

The state is now requiring all MA dealers to use your state issued
PIN (Personal Identification Number) to verify your permit # and
complete the state registration form FA-10. We can only complete
your gun transaction if you have your PIN. Fingerprints cannot be
used anymore.

You can call the Firearms Records Bureau at 617-660-4722 Mon.-Fri.
9am-6pm to obtain a lost PIN.

Please pass this along and spread the word.