We stock many new, pre-owned, and
consignment rifles and shotguns.  We have
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Huge Selection of Long
Guns- New & Pre-Owned
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Seecamp .32acp Pistol
Made right here in MA now!
When not in stock, a
deposit puts one on order
for you
Picture from when we first opened.
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Current Consignment Inventory
This list constantly changes
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Pre-owned PREBAN Glock 19, 9mm, 1-10 Rd. Mag, Case, Consignment

Pre-owned Walther P99, AS, 9mm, 3 mags, 2 holsters, Consign...$450

Pre-owned Walther P22, .22LR, 3.42" barrel, 2 mags, Consign....$250

Pre-owned Walther P22, .22 LR, Bronze Slide, 3 magazines + Fox IWB Holster,

Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk, .44 mag., 10.5" barrel, Consign...$599

Pre-owned S&W M&P15- Sport Upper, Consign...$300

Pre-owned Ruger SR9C, 9mm, 2 mags, Consign....$350

Pre-Owned PREBAN Rare GEN 1 Glock 17, 1- 10 rd. new mag included, original
tupperware case, MA Paperwork on file

Pre-owned S&W 15-4, .38 spl., Revolver, Great Condition, Pistol, MA Paperwork
on file

Pre-owned PREBAN Glock 17, 9mm, 5 Mags, Night Sights, Competition Trigger,
Case, Consign...$850

Pre-owned Taurus PT-22, .22LR, Pistol, MA Paperwork on file

Pre-owned S&W 469, 9mm, Pistol, MA Paperwork on file

Pre-owned STAR PD, .45acp, Pistol, MA Paperwork on file

Pre-owned CESKA ZBROJOVKA - Praha, CZ-50 Pistol, Pistol, MA Paperwork on

Pre-owned IMEZ IJ70-17A, .380acp, Pistol, Pistol, MA Paperwork on file

Pre-owned S&W 36-2, .38 spl., Revolver, Pistol, MA Paperwork on file

Pre-owned S&W M&P45, Case, 3 Mags, Unfired, Consign....$465

Pre-owned Ruger SP101, .357 Mag., 2.25" Barrel, Revolver, Consign...$480

Pre-owned Troy Defense Sporting Rifle, .223 cal., Consign...$725

Pre-owned Ruger SR9, 2 Mags, Holster, Consign....$325

Pre-owned Hembrug 1911, 6.5x53R, Bolt Action Rifle, Consign...$350

Pre-owned Sig Sauer 1911 Target, .45acp, Consign....$575

Pre-owned Ruger SR1911 Commander, .45acp, 2 Mags, Consign...$500

Pre-owned Savage 1899C, Lever Action, .303 Savage, Consign...$600

Pre-owned Smith & Wesson SD9VE, 9mm,  Two 10 round magazines - $285

Pre-owned Volquartsen LLV Custom MKIII Receiver, .22LR, Compensator,
Adjustable Sights, Consign...$475

New Ruger SR9C, 9mm, Two 10 round magazines - $449

Pre-owned Ruger Redhawk, .44 Magnum, 7.5" Barrel - $720

Pre-owned Century Arms FR7  .308 Cetme - $199
We buy used firearms and estates sales.