First Defense Firearms, Inc. offers Private, Group, and Women only firearms instruction.

* Basic Firearms Safety Course for LTC or FID

Our LTC course is a Full Day of Quality Training with LIVE FIRE Included.

  • Call or e-mail for class schedule and pricing.

  • Groups of 4 or more receive a discount.

  • Requirements: 1) Applicants must fill out pre-registration form (located below).
2) In order to hold a seat in the class, we ask for a $80.00 deposit.

LTC Registration Form

* Combative Handgun
Levels 1 thru 3 Classes

* WOMEN'S ONLY Combative Handgun
Levels 1 thru 3 Classes

* Combative Rifle/Carbine
Levels 1 thru 3 Classes

* Combative Shotgun
Levels 1 thru 3 Classes

* Force on Force Class

* Private Shooting Lessons

  • Basic

  • Advanced

  • One on One Private or Semi-Private

* Concealed Carry 101

* AR-15 101

* Defensive Firearms Training

Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Force on Force, Sub-Machine Gun

Private & Group Classes

* Shooting Fundamentals Class

* Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit Class

* NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Course

* MA Firearms Laws Refresher Course

* Women's Only LTC Class *
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Instructor Information:

Dennis Doti
Chief Instructor / Director of Training

Current Full-Time Police Officer with 23 Years of Full-Time Law Enforcement Experience
Former SWAT Officer
Current Police Department Senior Firearms Instructor
MA State Police Certified Firearms Instructor
Master Pistol Instructor
Master Rifle Instructor
Master Shotgun Instructor
Red Dot Optic Mounted Handgun Instructor
MPTC Level 3 Firearms Instructor
MPTC Patrol Rifle Instructor
MP5 Submachine Gun Instructor
Extreme CQB Instuctor
Active Shooter Response Instructor
Suarez International Affiliate Instructor
Force on Force Instructor
Combat Handgun Instructor
Taser Instructor
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
NRA Certified Home Firearms Safety Instructor
NRA Certified Personal Protection In the Home Instructor
Utah Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor
Don Rodrigues Oki Ryu Kenpo Black Belt
3 Gun, IDPA and USPSA Action Shooting Competitor
Awarded IDPA "King of New England" 2013
Multiple National, State and Regional Championships Winner
Actor Firearms & Tactical Training
TV & Film Firearms Training & Technical Advising

Although Dennis is a full-time, Professional Trainer, he is constantly increasing his own skills.  He
doesn't believe in "good enough".  In addition to creating his own firearms programs, he trains with
top tier instructors across the United States and incorporates that knowledge into the curriculum.  
This ensures that you receive the most up to date, quality instruction.  With Dennis, there's no fluff or
smoking mirrors, there's only solid instruction from a Professional Trainer who is enthusiastic to help
you succeed in your goals.  When choosing your firearms instructor, take an in-depth look at their
credentials and ask them questions.  You and your family deserve the best, and we are here for you.

- Basic Firearms Safety Classes for LTC- MA State Police Certificate Issued (LIVE FIRE Included)
- Specialized Firearms Lessons (Individual or Group) such as Concealed Carry Techniques, Point
Shooting / Combat Focused Shooting, Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Sub-Machine Gun
- Private Shooting Instruction (Precision Skills and Defensive Techniques)
- Group, Private and Women Only Classes Available
- Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry Firearms Permit Classes

Group LTC Classes are once per month. Dates and times are determined on a month to month
basis.  Every effort is made to accomodate students' schedules.

Private classes are held by appointment.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.